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Foot Care for Athletes: 5 Tips from Your Toronto Chiropodist

Athletes need their Feet to stay Healthy for the best performance and to ensure they can play all season long. Whether you are active throughout the year, are just starting a new sport, or have a league that starts up this time of year, Foot Care should be top of mind to prepare. Your Feet contribute to your balance, force, and speed, so avoiding injury and maintaining their Health is crucial for fun and function. If you suffer from pain caused by an old Foot injury or are simply looking to be proactive before getting back in the swing of things, visit the team at the Foot Care Clinic in Toronto. Our staff offers custom orthotics and personalized Foot Care treatment for athletes engaged in all types of sports.

5 Tips for Athletes to Maintain Healthy Feet 

Talk to our Foot specialists and follow these easy tips for Painless Feet:

  1. Choose Good Shoes – After registration fees, transportation, and other costs, it can be tempting to save on equipment. Resist that urge when it comes to your Footwear. Whether you need a pair of running shoes, trainers, or cleats, investing in quality shoes is your best defense against Foot injuries. Shop for new kicks at the end of the day, once Feet are their largest, and walk around the store to ensure a good fit. You should be able to wiggle your toes but your heel should not slip. 
  2. Leave Blisters Alone – Most athletes know how annoying and Painful Blisters can be. They are most likely to form where there is Moisture and Friction, so active Feet are more prone to developing them. Do not pop your Blister, which can increase the risk of Infection. Instead, apply some Moleskin or a Bandage. If it pops on its own, use Antiseptic and cover with a clean Bandage. 
  3. Don’t Forget Socks – Just like quality Shoes are important, quality Socks can play a big role in keeping your Feet dry, Healthy, and comfortable. Moisture-Wicking Socks can limit the chances of developing Blisters and common Fungal issues like Athlete’s Foot. 
  4. Warm Up – While it can be exciting, fight the impulse to jump right into the game. Warming up for 10-15 minutes with a brisk Walk or light Jog and stretching your Muscles can reduce the risk of Injury. Include your Feet in the Stretch since they will be taking a lot of the impact! 
  5. Replace and Refine Your Shoes – Whether you have noticed some Foot Pain during the match or are looking for a proactive approach to support your Feet and Ankles, consider replacing Shoes regularly or getting Custom Orthotics made in Toronto. Shock absorption of your shoes decreases effectiveness after approximately 400 - 600 kilometres of wear, so replace Running Shoes often. Custom solutions like Orthotics often help you by providing extra Support, Protection, Stability, Control and Comfort. 

Visit a Foot Clinic in Richmond Hill for a Personal Assessment

Start the season and your training routine on the right Foot with Custom Foot Care services. The Foot Care Clinic provides personal Care, a wide range of Treatment options, and friendly staff who can answer your questions. From mild Discomfort to excruciating Pain, our Toronto chiropodists can help you find relief. That way you can focus on the goal, or your fitness goals, not your Feet—with the able assistance from our team.

Call the Foot Care Clinic in Toronto at 416-638-FEET(3338) to book your appointment. Contact us online to find out more about our Foot Care services for athletes or inquire about your particular concerns.
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