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Athletic Foot Care: Overcoming Common Sports Injuries

Athletes know better than most individuals that Feet are crucial for your overall Health, Mobility and Performance. No matter the Sport, Healthy Feet can make the difference between personal bests and a season on the sidelines. Healthy Feet can also be a lot more difficult to maintain for Athletes who are focused on scores, times, and opponents, rather than their physical comfort. If you lead an active lifestyle and want to start focusing on Foot Care to get the most out of your routine, visit the Foot Care Clinic in Toronto. Our Foot Care Specialists offer a variety of services that can be tailored to your particular sport’s concerns or personal Foot condition. Injuries new and old can be healed with assistance from our Toronto Chiropodists.

Common Foot Care Concerns for Athletes

Manage these Foot troubles with knowledge and Professional Treatment and you will be back in the game in no time: 

  • Stress Fractures – Stress fractures are common issues that can occur with Overuse and Regular activities when your bones are not able to regenerate at the same rate as they are wearing down. If you Over-Exercise without maintaining a proper diet, you may have increased risk of developing Stress Fractures. They can be difficult to Diagnose, since the Fractures are so tiny. If you have a Stress Fracture, you may notice tenderness or Pain along the middle of your Foot and swelling on the top. Talk to your Foot Specialist in Toronto and start by icing and limiting the amount of Weight-Bearing in your workouts. 
  • Bunions – These unsightly bumps normally impact the Big Toe Joint, leading to tenderness and difficulty wearing certain Shoes. They are typically caused by Over-Pronating, where the Athlete relies heavily on Ligaments and Bones rather than Muscles to support each step. Include Foot strengthening exercises in your workout routine, and consider switching to Shoes with a larger Toe box to prevent Bunions from forming. In the worst cases, surgery may be required, so speak to a Foot Care expert to keep existing Bunions from progressing. 
  • Athlete’s Foot – The name says it all. This common Fungal Infection can be difficult to get rid of, recur and be extremely uncomfortable. Athlete’s Foot is a Fungal Infection that is typically Scaly, Itchy, and may cause a Burning sensation. The condition is usually caused by prolonged time spent in Sweaty, confined Shoes, but it may also be spread via floors or towels. Try switching to Sweat Wicking Socks and more breathable Shoes while using an over-the-counter medication. If the infection continues to recur after Treatment, visit a Foot Clinic in Richmond Hill.
  • Plantar Fasciitis – Inflammation and micro-tears in the Plantar Fascia can lead to a lot of Pain. If you notice your first steps in the morning are hurting or have developed tenderness along the Arch and Heel, you may be suffering from this condition. It is common among Athletes who wear minimalist training Shoes without well-developed Foot Muscles. Start with supportive, quality Shoes, and train smart to avoid this tough condition that can put a damper on training. 

Fix Your Foot Problems by Visiting a Foot Clinic in Richmond Hill

Do not let Foot troubles keep you from playing your best or maintaining a fit lifestyle. Contact the team at the Foot Care Clinic for an Assessment and for Professional Advice based on years of experience. We have treated Athletes from all Sports and with a variety of Foot issues. From Custom Orthotics to Topical Treatments, we can provide you with relief. Speak with the staff at the Foot Care Clinic in Toronto by calling 416-638-FEET(3338). You can also contact us online to book your consultation or learn more about Foot Care for Athletes.

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