A diabetic man ties his shoe laces in Toronto, Ontario

Diabetic Foot Care: Advice from Your Toronto Chiropodist

Diabetics face a wide variety of specialized concerns, and Foot Care is one of them. If you are Diabetic, or know someone who is, treating Feet with special attention can save a lot of Pain and suffering. Working with a Chiropodist in Toronto at a local Foot Clinic can help you monitor and maintain your Foot Health. Your Foot Care Specialist can provide answers to any questions, Custom Orthotics, preventative measures, and personalized advice. The right support can help you or your loved one properly Care for Feet and limit the chances of losing a Toe or entire Foot. While it will not be as pressing as checking blood sugar, Foot Care is an important part of caring for your overall health.

Do’s and Don’ts: Foot Care for Diabetics 

Follow this guide of do’s and don’ts and visit a Foot Care Specialist for dedicated treatment and timely attention for any concerns: 

Do: Check Daily – Set a time in your regular routine to check your Feet. Problems will not always present themselves with Pain, so a visual inspection is necessary. If you cannot reach your Feet, use a mirror or ask for assistance. Cuts, Sores, infections, swelling, or red spots should be noted and monitored. 

Don’t: Wear Ill-fitting Shoes – Shoes that are made of plastic or vinyl do not breathe or stretch. High Heels or Shoes with pointed Toes should also be avoided. Additional pressure points can cause troubles, so be sure to go Shoe shopping at the end of the day when your Feet are largest. Invest in supportive and quality Shoes and ask about Orthotics in Toronto for a truly custom-made fit. 

Do: Care for Your Feet – Wash your Feet each and every day with warm water. Avoid hot water and apply talcum powder after drying your Feet to limit the risk of Infection. Apply lotion to the top and bottom of your Feet and, after consulting with your Doctor about the best approach, take Care to gently smooth Corns or Calluses that develop. Do not use sharp tools or remove all rough skin without first speaking to your Foot Specialist. 

Don’t: Walk Barefoot – Shoes and Socks should be worn at all times, even indoors. You may unknowingly hurt yourself, so protecting your Feet is very important. Buy socks without seams that are comfortable. If you are going to the beach, apply sunscreen and wear Shoes as much as possible to avoid burning your Feet.

Do: Keep the Blood Flowing – Circulation is important, so elevate your Feet when sitting and regularly wiggle your Toes throughout the day. Avoid crossing your legs and wearing tight or restrictive Socks. 

Don’t: Smoke – Smoking can cause blood circulation issues and lead to other health problems. Quit smoking and take up a sport or active hobby that can improve blood flow, cardiovascular health, and mental well-being. 

Get Support for Your Foot Care in Toronto 

If you have Diabetes and are interested in learning how to Care for your Feet properly, visit the Foot Care Clinic. Our staff offers personalized treatment options and thorough assessments to ensure your Feet feel their best, from Heel to Toe. Whether you have already faced complications or want Custom Orthotics for your new Shoes, our team of professionals can provide the Foot Care you need. 

Speak to our staff at the Foot Care Clinic in Toronto at 416-638-FEET(3338) to schedule your Appointment. Contact us online to learn more about Diabetic Foot Care and our recommended services.

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