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Tips for Healthy Feet from Your Toronto Foot Specialist

Most people only really appreciate the important role their Feet play once they become sore or injured. Anyone who has suffered from Sore Feet understands that Foot troubles are different from an Injury elsewhere on the Body. Feet are used constantly for mobility and, because of this constant reliance, can be very difficult to Heal. With a little preventative Foot Care, you can avoid soreness and Injury to keep your Feet healthy. Appreciate your Feet before they protest by avoiding the common Foot Care mistakes outlined below. Are your Toes or Heels already in Pain? Contact the Foot Care Clinic in Toronto for a personalized Assessment and targeted Treatment.

What Are the Most Common Foot Care Mistakes? 

Be aware of these missteps that can lead to serious Foot problems:
  • Cleaning - A lot of people believe just getting their Feet wet in the shower will suffice for ‘clean’ Toes. Think again! While they are not the easiest part of your Body to clean, or necessarily the most noticeable, giving them a thorough cleaning will limit the risk of developing Fungal infections. Clean them last, since other dirt from your Body passes over your Feet on the way to the drain. Wash tops, bottoms, and between the Toes before rinsing. Don’t forget to dry them properly, too! 
  • Scraping - Many people think that the only healthy Skin on their Feet is soft. Due to their constant-contact and ‘on-duty’ role in your day-to-day life, though, your Feet need some tougher Skin. Hold off on scraping away dead Skin, especially when using a blade or sharp tool. It is easy to remove healthy Skin or over-cut, causing Bleeding and making your Feet susceptible to infection. Get them cleaned up at a professional Chiropodist in Toronto in order to deal with any particularly rough or bothersome areas. 
  • Cutting If you have ingrown Toe nails, it can be extremely uncomfortable. While it may seem simple enough to take matters into your own hands to find relief, it is important to see a Foot Specialist. Removing the Ingrown Nail yourself increases the risk that it will become Infected, aggravate Inflammation further, or that parts of the Toenail will be left behind. Avoid over-cutting to limit the likelihood that more Ingrown Toenails will develop. Only cut the white part and file your Toenails along the natural shape of your Toe. 

Visit a Foot Specialist in Toronto for Professional Care

Want to learn more about properly caring for your Feet? Whether you have chronic Pain, troublesome Toenails, or are interested in a better Care routine, the Foot Care Clinic can help. We provide patients’ Feet with dedicated Care and Treatment backed by years of experience. A wide range of specialized services allows us to treat all kinds of Foot Care ailments, so do not hesitate to visit us today. Come to us for everything from Chronic Pain to Custom Orthotics.

Call the Foot Care Clinic in Toronto at 416-638-FEET(3338) to book your appointment. You can also contact us online to find out more about our services and get answers to your Foot Care questions.
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