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Exercise is a part of your daily routine. Whether you get up and go for a workout at the gym or walk to work, individuals incorporate exercise into their day to day activities to stay healthy. It is important to ensure you have proper Foot support when exercising as Running Shoes do not provide the support you need for long term comfort.

Runners who train daily or who are training for a specific race or marathon may experience ‘Runner’s Heel,’ also known as Plantar Fasciitis. Runners will experience Pain in their Heel and overall discomfort when Running and Walking after training. Trainers will often recommend changing your Running Shoes frequently or taping your Heels and performing strength exercises. While all of these routines can be beneficial in the short term, Runners should have Custom Made Orthotics for both Feet and implement them into each new pair of sneakers. Running Shoes do not provide ideal Support, but if you implement Custom Made Orthotics into your Shoes when training, you can avoid Foot discomfort.

Other conditions such as Achilles Tendonitis can occur if you are not wearing supportive Shoes. There is not a perfect Shoe on the market that offers ideal Arch Support while exercising. Each person’s Foot is different, which is why Custom Made Orthotics are the ideal solution for Foot discomfort when exercising. Call The Foot Clinic in Toronto to speak with a professional to Diagnose your Foot condition.

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People often choose to purchase off-the-shelf insoles over the counter at drug or sporting stores. There are multiple brands of inexpensive insoles; however, they provide generic sizes suited to fit the average person. This solution may provide little or no help for you. The main goal of this kind of insole is to provide cushioning and a little bit of support. In order to get optimal Support, Heal and decrease long term discomfort you need the Support, Stability and Control that Custom Made Orthotics provides.

The ideal solution to Foot discomfort while exercising is Custom Made Foot Orthotics. Each Foot is unique and needs Custom Made Orthotics to cater to the Arch and provide the Ultimate Support and Comfort long term. Custom Made Foot Orthotics provide Support, Stability and Control.

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