Custom vs. Custom-made Orthotics in Toronto

Have you considered the difference between custom and custom-made orthotics in Toronto? It may seem like a subtle choice of words, but the team from The Foot Clinic knows it’s a crucial difference that can have long-lasting impacts on your feet and overall health. Learn more about how custom-made orthotic products from The Foot Clinic are the superior choice to safeguard your comfort and mobility.

The Basics of Orthotics

Before diving into the difference between custom and custom-made orthotics, it’s important to understand the basics of orthotics. It refers to the products that support your stability and your control over your feet. Orthotic products help people across the community enjoy more active, more engaged lives.

Over the counter insoles are some of the most common orthotic products people use to treat foot pain and to walk more comfortable, but in some cases these “custom” insoles can do more harm than good. Insoles you buy at a kiosk or in your local big box store aren’t truly customized to your feet. Sure, some may have extra padding or a wider span, but these are only superficial enhancements not designed to meet your feet and their unique structure. A foot specialist in Toronto can craft custom orthotics that meet your needs precisely.

What Is a Custom-made Orthotic?

A custom-made orthotic is a device that is truly tailored to fit your feet and their specific podiatric needs. Designed under the care and supervision of a licensed podiatrist, custom-made orthotics are made of flexible, firm material to help enhance your:

  • Stability
  • Support
  • Control
  • Mobility

Benefits of Custom-made Orthotics

When comparing over the counter orthotics with truly custom orthotics, Toronto foot specialists recommend the many advantages of professionally customized orthotics.

An over the counter orthotic is less effective because while it may contain “custom-made” elements, it is not entirely custom-made and therefore cannot provide the superior level of personalization custom-made orthotics deliver. When patients use orthotics not specially designed for their feet for long periods of time, often against a foot specialist’s recommendation, they can develop life-long conditions that could decrease their mobility and control.

The process of creating custom-made orthotics is carefully calibrated to meet your specific foot care needs. Be wary of simply creating a foam mould of your feet, true custom-made orthotics are digital and clean. We can create a 3D impression of your foot as you stand on our pressurized mat for a precise model.

For more information on custom-made orthotics in Toronto and the surrounding area, contact The Foot Clinic today.

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