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Foot Injury Treatments in Toronto

Nearly one-fourth of all bones in your body are in your feet. Over time, bone deformities become more pronounced and cause more pain. You don’t have to live with the pain. Visit The Foot Clinic in Toronto for foot injury treatments. We have a team of dedicated and trained podiatrists who can assess your condition, the severity and provide the necessary treatment options for you.

Our general and podiatric solutions include:

  • Surgical consultations
  • Ingrown toenail surgery
  • Second opinions on corrective foot surgery
  • Referrals and examinations
  • Custom-made foot orthotics
  • Custom-made orthopedic shoe
  • Biomechanical assessments and gait analysis
  • Dermatological assessments of skin/nails
  • Diabetic foot assessments
  • Laser foot scanning
  • Dry needling (for warts)
  • Dry ice/liquid nitrogen treatments
  • Strapping and padding
  • Physical therapy
  • Management of foot injuries and trauma
  • Therapeutic injections
  • Exercise and stretching programs
  • Footwear advise and assessment
  • Cycling related foot problems support

Shockwave Therapy

In order to heal foot discomfort and pain, we offer a highly effective physical modality treatment- Shockwave therapy. It is a short (10-20 minutes) procedure that generates shockwaves to target and heal foot pain. This therapy is affordable, modest pain and an effective solution to healing acute foot conditions. Shockwave therapy has no side effects, no medication and avoids surgery.

Shockwave Therapy

Therapeutic Laser

We offer Theralase therapeutic laser treatment that helps the body to heal itself! This new cold laser treatment helps in reducing pain and inflammation by stimulating deep tissue regeneration. It is a non-invasive therapy that has benefited many patients with painful foot conditions. The treatment has an anti-endemic effect that reduces swelling.

Therapeutic Laser

Compression Therapy

It is a type of therapy that involves wearing specially designed socks or stockings to increase the blood flow in your legs. Compression stockings give your veins the added support they need to prevent blood from pooling and to cause swelling. These prescribed socks and stockings are usually worn during the day and removed at night. You have the option of reimbursing these by most insurance policies.

Compression Therapy

Injury Prevention Tips

Preventing any kind of foot injury begins with a combination of proper warm-ups, conditioning and careful attention to technique. We have listed a few tips that can prevent your foot injuries, take a look:

  • Don’t Overextend Your Muscles
    Do not set lofty goals for yourself before you begin your running training. Take it easy. Relax, let your body get into the rhythm of running naturally. Don’t increase your mileage by more than 10% per week.
  • Choose the Right Shoes and Insoles

    Proper footwear helps you run better and safer! Browse through the internet and do a bit of research before you buy footwear that’s best for your distance, running terrain and your budget.

  • Diversify Your Run
    Whether it’s in a park, gym’s treadmill or through your neighbourhood, the joys of running are truly limitless. You can choose to run on different terrains to help reduce the pressure on your joints and bones.

  • Rest Up
    Never underestimate the power of rest days in your fitness routine. Giving your feet the chance to recuperate between runs helps promote muscle growth and reduce the chance of injury related to overexertion.

Walk Comfortably Again

You can rely on our team for making your foot injuries not stand in your way.

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