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Effective Foot Care Solutions in Toronto

Simple and daily activities like walking and running can become a great challenge if you are suffering from a foot or ankle problem. To diminish the pain and discomfort, you need to visit a veteran podiatrist. The skilled and experienced podiatrists at The Foot Clinic offers effective foot care solutions in Toronto. Call our clinic to book an appointment today!

At The Foot Clinic, we provide personalized treatments and treat all our patients with respect and care. You will be pleased to know that our services are available in a multitude of languages such as Korean, Hebrew and French. Furthermore, referrals are not mandatory. We are always happy to welcome new patients.

Running Injuries

Our podiatrists have vast experience in dealing with patients suffering from running injuries. Whether it is something minor or serious that may require surgery or physical therapy, our chiropodists can help. We believe taking precautions before any physical exertion can help in preventing minor injuries. We regularly recommend patients to stretch properly, wear proper footwear and rest well at appropriate intervals to remain injury-free.

Overuse Injuries

Simple activities such as working out and daily chores can cause overuse injuries. Ligaments, bones, tendons, muscles and nerve tissues can be impacted by overusing your body. These injuries are primarily caused due to lack of muscle strength, poor core stability, endurance, inflexibility, improper footwear or faulty workout techniques.

Let Us Help You

Whether you are suffering from a running injury or an overuse injury, we can help you to:

Move comfortably and eliminate pain

Return to the activities you enjoy

Improve knee, hip and lower back pain

Recover fast after a foot surgery

Wear the shoes you love

Fix unsightly warts and fungal nails

Remove ingrown toenails gently

Straighten crooked toes or bunions

Foot Care for Children

Besides offering foot care solutions to adults, we also eliminate foot care problems in children. While foot problems are uncommon in children with respect to adults, we recommend having a thorough foot exam at least once every year for your child. It is imperative to avoid footwear that restricts foot growth, and you should always ensure that your child wears supportive footwear. Some of the common childhood foot problems are:

Ingrown toenails or warts

Sports injuries

Footwear problems

Pigeon toes, curly toes or toe walking

Flat feet

Growing pain or leg length difference

Care for Your Feet

Visit our clinic to eliminate any foot problems.

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